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MENA Analysis caters to a wide range of clients as our products and services are tailored to individual needs. We assist private companies, business intelligence, NGOs, and government agencies.

We provide in-depth expertise, access to on-the-ground intelligence and flexible working procedures. We offer clients raw data or processed information deliverables in person or in writing.

We are here to help:

  • Companies operate in a volatile environment with advice on operations, engagement and facilitation
  • Providing essential business intelligence from primary sources
  • NGOs understand political and security dynamics in their areas of activity
  • Government agencies to understand and react to conflict scenarios, developments, and crises

As a client of MENA Analysis, you gain access to an extensive network of knowledge and expertise in different fields related to the MENA-region. You can draw on these different aspects as you need and we will ensure that a suitable team with relevant capacities are assembled to provide you the assistance you require.