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MENA Analysis is not an ordinary risk consultancy. Rather than a formal organisation offering standardised products, we are a dynamic network providing customised solutions to suit the client’s needs.

Naturally, this setup affects our approach to any task. What we offer is access to our shared pool of knowledge. Hence, we initiate any task by identifying the specific needs of the client in order to assemble the best team of analysts to provide the analysis or advice needed. This approach is to avoid any static attitude to the task in question and to facilitate as holistic an approach as possible.

Our analysts are characterised either by a geographical expertise or a thematic expertise (e.g. military affairs, environmental issues or religion). The team will thus be put together to match the specific assignment both from a geographical and a thematic perspective. In order to provide the best analysis, the team will never be static, but will evolve according to the character of the assignment. This implies that analysts will join and leave the assignment when it is deemed relevant.

Composed of a young and energetic network of analysts, MENA Analysis strives to offer access to as broad a network of knowledge as possible. As our analysts are present on-the-ground in the MENA-region, you are not only getting access to their knowledge and experience, but also to their individual networks. We regard knowledge as the best way to deliver sound and comprehensive analysis of tendencies and the situation on-the-ground and thus we engage our full network to collect the necessary information.

At MENA Analysis you get access to all the knowledge existing in our network.