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Our work is characterised by our organisation. MENA Analysis is a network of knowledge, where we customise our service to the needs of the client.

This implies that you do not buy a standardised product. Rather you buy what you need. Composed of a broad group of analysts based in and travelling the region, we are capable of offering a wide range of services including briefs, reports and verbal advice.

To exemplify, services could be:

  • Weekly/monthly/quarterly reporting on the security situation in a specific location
  • Analysis of a specific event or theme (e.g. Islamic militancy or migration)
  • Advice on engagement (for businesses, NGOs, and government) in an instable location

MENA Analysis is composed of a network of elite students of international security, environmental policy, human rights and humanitarian action, international energy, and development. We are a multitude of nationalities offering the necessary language skills (Arabic including all dialects, Hebrew, French, Berber language) and cultural understanding to navigate in the MENA-region and to understand, analyse, and provide advice on matters relating to instability and risks.