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MENA Analysis is composed of a broad group of analysts based in the MENA-region and in European capitals.
For further information on our analysts and their competencies, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Security Analyst

MA International Security (Sciences Po) & MSc International Conflict Resolution (Columbia University)
Maxime is working as a consultant for several civilian organizations in the Middle East. Having previously worked and traveled in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Turkey and Iraq, he consulted for both the French Ministry of Defense and the U.S State Department analyzing armed groups in Syria and Mali. Academically, Maxime de Taisne holds a Master of International security and a MSc of International Conflict Resolution, the latter pursued as part of a Fulbright scholarship. His research has been focused on the societal role of the military in the Middle East and combat motivation among foreign fighters. Maxime has gained invaluable research experience from the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies (LCPS) in Lebanon, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington D.C and the Legal Affairs Department of the European Union Delegation to the UN in New York. Maxime is fluent in French and English and has a basic understanding of Arabic.

Director and Founder

PhD at European University Institute (EUI) & MA in International Security, Cum Laude (Sciences Po)
As a professional, Tore has experience from the public sector and from public affairs working as a consultant on the several sectors, and from risk consultancy on the MENA-region. An analyst of militant Islamism, Tore has for years been studying the internal dynamics of militant groups and the danger they pose both nationally, regionally and on a global level. In his work as a researcher, Tore is mainly focusing on how militant groups like al-Qaida and the Islamic State are struggling for authority and how such contestation influence the militant trend, in general, and its surroundings. Tore has field experience from Egypt, Palestine, Iran, Nigeria, Somalia, and South Africa. He has been used as TV commentator on the threat of Islamic militancy.
Tore can be reached on +39 3334669765 or +45 61516505

Founder & Iraq Analyst

MA in International Security (Sciences Po) & MSc in International Relations (LSE)
Lahib Higel is a freelancing researcher based in Baghdad/Erbil. She is currently conducting fieldwork for Minority Rights Group International (MRG). She is also a contributing analyst for IHS’ Middle East department in London and an associate fellow at Al-Sharq Forum in Istanbul. Previously, she worked as a research fellow at the Middle East Research Institute in Erbil.
Based in Baghdad, Lahib can be reached on:
Tel: +964 7704704557

Iran Analyst

PhD candidate (EPHE/PSL), MA in Geopolitics (ENS-Sorbonne University), MA in Political Philosophy & BA in Law (Sorbonne University).
Professionally, Eva has gained experience in both the public and private sectors. She started as a consultant for the Center for Analysis, Planning and Strategy of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She went on to work in the private sector as a political and security analyst focusing on the Horn of Africa and Machrek countries, with a particular monitoring of islamist militant groups in Syria. She also worked as a MENA-consultant in charge of advising companies on their entry strategy in Iran. As a researcher, Eva focuses on Shiism and democracy and how the religious democracy materializes in Iran. She previously worked on the relationship between political Islam and democracy and the question of system of government in Muslim countries in the context of the Arab Spring, with a focus on Tunisia. She also worked on the Sunni-Shia rivalry and its ideological and geopolitical impact in the Middle East. Eva speaks French, English and Persian.


MA International Security, Summa Cum Laude (Sciences Po) and BA International Relations with Distinction (Stanford University)
Marissa Cramer is currently based in Paris, where she manages international trade country profiles and a database of market studies. She has several years of research and analytical experience in international affairs with a focus on MENA. Marissa gained field experience in Jordan and Morocco. In the public sector, Marissa has worked on Iraq reconstruction at the US Department of State; international child & forced labor and human trafficking at the US Department of Labor; and international women’s rights, with a focus on MENA, at the OECD. Other experiences include reporting on UN affairs in Geneva and New York, researching international security at the George Washington University, and consulting on conflict and crisis-affected countries. A native English speaker, Marissa is also fluent in French, Arabic and Hebrew.

North Africa Analyst

MA in Conflict Resolution from King’s College London.
Christine is an independent researcher, journalist and analyst based in Istanbul after having lived in Tunisia for three years. She has an MA in Conflict Resolution from King’s College London and is a former editor at Your Middle East. Today her employers include The World Bank, Foreign Policy, FRIDE and Al Monitor. Her primary focus areas involve youth, radicalisation, political Islam, women empowerment and islamist movements. Follow her work on her website

Terrorism Analyst

MBA in International Procurement and Supply Chain (INSEEC) and MA in International Security and Defence (Universite Grenoble II).
Nolwenn has been working for over two years as an Analyst on Terrorism and Insurgency for an intelligence and information company based in London, where she has developed a strong knowledge of militancy across the globe, particularly in the Middle-East and North Africa. Nolwenn started her career in the military and defence industry, working for the French Ministry of Defence as a research analyst, focusing on Libya and Afghanistan, and she then worked as a purchaser for Advanced Air Defence Systems at Thales. Nolwenn has a special interest in Islamist militancy in North Africa and France. A native French speaker, Nolwenn also speaks English and Spanish and has a basic understanding of Arabic.


MA in International Relations and Diplomacy (School of Oriental and African Studies)
Susanna holds an MA in International Relations and Diplomacy from SOAS, with International Security, International Law and Diplomatic Studies & Practice as her concentrations. She recently wrote her dissertation on European women migrating to join ISIS and is currently pursuing further research on the topic as a freelancer. Prior to London, Susanna was based in Amman for several years working for a Euro-Med NGO human rights network on a project on women’s rights and gender equality. Having worked in close cooperation with human rights and women’s rights organisations in Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Israel/Palestine, Jordan and Morocco towards promoting women’s rights and gender equality in the political transitions following the onset of the so-called ‘Arab Spring’, she holds a good understanding of women’s rights and civil rights activism in the region. Susanna is particularly interested in Euro-Med relations, human rights, women’s rights, gender equality & gender mainstreaming as well as the role of women in political Islam and state-building projects. Susanna speaks Swedish, English, French and Arabic.

Security Analyst

MA in International Security (Sciences Po)
The odd one out, Leyla works for a development NGO in Haiti, where she focuses on the application of international donor requirements, the internal compliance with procedures, and insures the appropriate communication with the auditors. Apart from gaining insight in the political dynamics of the Caribbean region and the complex Haitian political and socio-economic reality, Leyla gained invaluable knowledge in the arts of making an NGO functional. Prior to moving to Haiti, Leyla studied and traveled in the Middle East, gaining first-hand experience in Israel, Palestine, Iran, Turkey, Jordan, Morocco, etc. She gained research and publishing experience after collaborating with the security and defense departments of think tanks such as IFRI and INSS. Leyla is fluent in English, French, Spanish and Romanian, and has a good understanding of Haitian Creole.


Social Psychology PhD candidate (RUG and IDC) and MA in Middle Eastern Diplomacy (TAU).
Aharon’s professional and academic background is characterized by diversity. A major in reserves in the Israeli Air Force reconnaissance, he has also pursued academic studies within the field of Middle Eastern Diplomacy and Social Psychology. As an analyst of intergroup relations, Aharon’s area of expertise includes both political and psychological aspects of intergroup conflict and reconciliation with a particular focus on the MENA region. His current research focuses on Gateway Communities in conflict resolution, and psychological interventions for social change. Aharon also works as a senior consultant at the Applied Psychology Center for Social Change, and is a lecturer at the IDC School of Psychology. Aharon in a native speaker of English and Hebrew and in addition he masters Palestinian Arabic at an intermediate level.

Development Analyst

MA in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action (Sciences Po)
Lauritz is working as an advisor at the Norwegian Control Committee for Fundraising – a foundation that monitors and controls fundraising organizations. His previous experiences include work as a Junior Humanitarian Analyst at the Norwegian Embassy in Amman, as a contributing journalist at newspapers The Daily Star (Lebanon) and Your Middle East, and as an advisor at Doctors Without Borders Norway. He co-founded the United World Colleges (UWC) selection committee in Syria, and established a Norwegian politics foundation in Paris. As an analyst of Middle East politics, Lauritz’ areas of expertise include Political Islam and State- and Nation building processes in the region, with special focus on Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel/Palestine and Turkey. Lauritz has an MA in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action with the Middle East and International Energy as his concentrations. He also holds a BA in Politics and Arabic (SOAS). Besides English and Norwegian, Lauritz speaks Arabic and French.

Security Analyst

MA in International Security (Sciences Po) Paris and an MSc in International Relations (London School of Economics)
Sophia works as a Research Fellow at a Think Tank in London. Her research focus is on foreign policy issues, particularly on European defence and security. Prior to London, Sophia was based in Brussels, where she worked in the Policy Planning Unit at NATO HQ and as a research assistant for the NATO Parliamentary Assembly. Her previous work experience includes time spent at the German Embassy in the United States and the George C. Marshall European Centre for Security Studies. Sophia is particularly interested in European defence cooperation, the European Defence Technological and Industrial Base, transatlantic security, and emerging technologies. She studied politics and law at the University of Münster, and holds two master degrees. Sophia speaks fluent German, English and French.